14-280.1. Trespassing on railroad right-of-way.

(a) Offense. - A person commits the offense of trespassing on railroad right-of-way if the person enters and remains on the railroad right-of-way without the consent of the railroad company or the person operating the railroad or without authority granted pursuant to State or federal law.

(b) Crossings. - Nothing in this section shall apply to a person crossing the railroad right-of-way at a public or private crossing.

(c) Legally Abandoned Rights-of-Way. - This section shall not apply to any right-of-way that has been legally abandoned pursuant to an order of a federal or State agency having jurisdiction over the right-of-way and is not being used for railroad services.

(d) Classification. - Trespassing on railroad right-of-way is a Class 3 misdemeanor. (2000-146, s. 10.)