Article 7.

Federal and Other Receipts.

§ 143C‑7‑1.  Funds creating an obligation.

(a) Report to Director. – A State agency, other than the judicial branch, that submits to the federal government or to any other party an application for funds that will be subject to this Chapter shall first provide to the Director a copy of the application along with any related information the Director may require. The judicial branch shall provide the Director with a copy of the application and any related information after making the application.

(b) Contract Provision. – A State agency that receives funds pursuant to an application that must be reported to the Director under subsection (a) of this section shall include in any related contract or other grant instrument a clause specifically stating that the expenditure of money deposited in the State treasury is subject to acts of appropriation by the General Assembly. (2006‑203, s. 3; 2007‑393, s. 9.)