160A-361. (Repealed effective January 1, 2021) Planning boards.

(a) Any city may by ordinance create or designate one or more boards or commissions to perform the following duties:

(1) Make studies of the area within its jurisdiction and surrounding areas;

(2) Determine objectives to be sought in the development of the study area;

(3) Prepare and adopt plans for achieving these objectives;

(4) Develop and recommend policies, ordinances, administrative procedures, and other means for carrying out plans in a coordinated and efficient manner;

(5) Advise the council concerning the use and amendment of means for carrying out plans;

(6) Exercise any functions in the administration and enforcement of various means for carrying out plans that the council may direct;

(7) Perform any other related duties that the council may direct.

(b) A board or commission created or designated pursuant to this section may include, but shall not be limited to, one or more of the following:

(1) A planning board or commission of any size (with not fewer than three members) or composition deemed appropriate, organized in any manner deemed appropriate;

(2) A joint planning board created by two or more local governments pursuant to Article 20, Part 1, of this Chapter. (1919, c. 23, s. 1; C.S., s. 2643; 1945, c. 1040, s. 2; 1955, cc. 489, 1252; 1959, c. 327, s. 2; c. 390; 1971, c. 698, s. 1; 1973, c. 426, s. 57; 1979, 2nd Sess., c. 1247, s. 35; 1997-309, s. 7; 1997-456, s. 27; 2004-199, s. 41(a); 2019-111, s. 2.3.)