§ 47-38.  Acknowledgment by grantor.

When properly completed, a certificate in substantially the following form may be used and shall be sufficient under the law of this State to satisfy the requirements for a notarial certificate for one or more individuals, acting in his, her, or their own right or, whether or not so stated in the notarial certificate, in a representative or fiduciary capacity, including one or more individuals acting on behalf of an unincorporated association, as an officer or director of a corporation, as a partner of a general or limited partnership, as a manager or member of a limited liability company, as the trustee of a trust, as the personal representative of a decedent's estate, as an agent or attorney in fact for another, as the guardian of a minor or an incompetent, or as a public official. The authorization of the form in this section does not preclude the use of other forms. This section applies to notarial certificates made before, on, and after December 1, 2005.

North Carolina, ______________ County.

I (here give the name of the official and his official title), do hereby certify that (here give the name of the individual whose acknowledgment is being taken) personally appeared before me this day and acknowledged the due execution of the foregoing instrument. Witness my hand and (where an official seal is required by law) official seal this the ____________ day of _____ (year).

(Official seal.)

(Signature of officer.)


(Rev., s. 1002; C.S., s. 3323; 1945, c. 73, s. 13; 1977, c. 375, s. 12; 2006-59, s. 28.)