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2011-2012 Session
Bill TextFiscal Note
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Last Action: Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate on 06/10/2011
Sponsors: McCormick; (Primary)
Bryant; Floyd; Gill;
Attributes: Public; Text has changed;
Counties: No counties specifically cited
42 (Chapter); 42-42, 42-43, 42-43.1, 42-51 (Sections)
Vote History
Date Subject RCS # Aye No N/V Exc. Abs. Exc. Vote Total Result
06/09/2011 6:28PM Second Reading [H] - 937 105 3 3 8 1 108 PASSED
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History House Bill Action History
Date Chamber Action Documents  
04/06/2011 House Filed  
04/07/2011 House Passed 1st Reading  
04/07/2011 House Ref To Com On Commerce and Job Development  
05/18/2011 House Assigned To Commerce and Job Development Subcommittee on Business and Labor  
06/09/2011 House Reptd Fav Com Substitute PCS70244
06/09/2011 House Cal Pursuant Rule 36(b)  
06/09/2011 House Placed On Cal For 6/9/2011  
06/09/2011 House Passed 2nd & 3rd Reading  
06/10/2011 Senate Rec From House  
06/10/2011 Senate Passed 1st Reading  
06/10/2011 Senate Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate  

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