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This database contains University of North Carolina operating and capital appropriations since 1971. The data was extracted from budget overviews/money reports prepared by the General Assembly's Fiscal Research Division and from legislative session laws. The database also includes budget special provisions since 1987.
The following is a brief description of the searchable fields:
  • Campus: A search can be made by each of the 16 UNC universities, the NC School of Science and Math, the UNC General Administration (UNC-GA), Private Colleges, UNC-TV, and UNC Hospitals. If the specific campus is not known, choose the option [Any]. The option [All] refers to an appropriation that was given to all universities.
  • Session Year: A search can be done on a specific year or on a range of years.
  • Expenditure Type: A search can be done on an operating appropriation by choosing either [Recurring] or [Non-Recurring]. Special provisions in budget bills that direct how funds are to be spent can be found by choosing [Provision]. For capital appropriations, the choices are as follows:
    • [Bond] - refers of a general obligation bond that requires a public vote
    • [Capital] - refers to capital funded by the state General Fund
    • [COPS] - refers to certificates of participation; debt not required to have a public vote
    • [R & R] - refers to repairs and renovation projects funded by the General Fund
    • [Self Liquidating] - refers to capital projects funded by non General Fund revenues and gifts
  • Program Name & Explanation: A search can be made on a specific program name and/or a subject or program type.
Example: The following is an example of the format for search results. In this example, a search was requested on [Any] campus and [Any] expenditure type for no specified years on the term pharmacy.
Note: Do not search on program name and explanation at the same time.
Program Name Budget Year 1 Budget Year 1 Amount Budget Year 2 Budget Year 2 Amount Session Year Expenditure Type Campus Explanation
ECSU Pharmacy School Operating Funds 2004-05 $985,815 2005-06 $985,815 2004 Recurring ECSU Provides money to Elizabeth City State University for the operation of its pharmacy school program.
UNC-CH Pharmacy 1997-98 $8,824,600 1997 Capital UNC-CH Funds an addition to Beard Hall - School of Pharmacy.
ECSU Pharmacy Space 2006-07 $43,000 2006 Non-Recurring ECSU Pays the lease costs for six modular units that temporarily house the ECSU Pharmacy Program until a permanent facility is constructed.
UNC-CH School of Pharmacy 1996-97 $1,000,000 1995 Capital UNC-CH Provides planning funds for the Pharmacy School.
Pharmacy School 2004-05 $28,000,000 2004 COPS ECSU Funds acquisition, construction, and equipping a Pharmacy School building and an interim temporary facility during construction of the facility.(HB 1264, Chapter 179)
Elizabeth City State University Pharmacy Space 2007-08 $43,000 2008-09 $43,000 2007 Non-Recurring ECSU Funds the leases of six modular units that house the Pharmacy Program until a permanent facility is constructed.
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