Bills In Conference Committee

Total Bills: 9
BillShort TitleActionDateAction Text
H13 State Agency Property Use/Biennial Report.H06/05/2013Conferees Changed
H189 Amend Info./Child Supp. Orders.S08/20/2014Re-ref Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
H1224 Local Sales Tax Options/Econ. Devpt. Changes.HF08/19/2014Conf Report Failed
S10 Government Reorganization and Efficiency Act.H07/24/2013Conferees Changed
S127 Economic Development Modifications.H05/14/2014Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S236 Sup. Ct. Judge Can Perform Marriage.H07/26/2013Conf Com Appointed
S287 Notice Publication - Guilford Co. Local Govs.H05/14/2014Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S334= H319Dorothea Dix Lease.H06/04/2013Conf Com Appointed
S393 Constructive Fraud/Limitations Period.H06/20/2013Conf Com Appointed

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