Bills In Conference Committee

Total Bills: 8
BillShort TitleActionDateAction Text
H593 Amend Environmental & Other Laws.S06/29/2016Conf Com Appointed
H657 Math Standard Course of Study Revisions.S06/24/2016Conf Com Appointed
H804 Kelsey Smith Act.H06/29/2016Conf Com Appointed
H1039 Omnibus Occupancy Tax Changes.SA07/01/2016Conf Report Adopted
S303 Regulatory Reform Act of 2016.H06/29/2016Conf Com Appointed
S371 LME/MCO Claims Reporting/Mental Health Amends.H07/01/2016Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
S378 Increase Punishment/Misd. Death by Vehicle.H09/09/2015Conf Com Appointed
S727 Moore County Local Sales Tax Use Restriction.H07/01/2016Conf Com Appointed

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