North Carolina General Statutes

NOTE: The Statutes on the North Carolina General Assembly website reflect changes made in the 2017 Regular Session. The changes from all Sessions are listed in the NC Statutes and Session Laws affected by ratified bills documents.

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Chapter 1Civil Procedure.
Chapter 1ARules of Civil Procedure.
Chapter 1BContribution.
Chapter 1CEnforcement of Judgments.
Chapter 1DPunitive Damages.
Chapter 1EEastern Band of Cherokee Indians.
Chapter 1FNorth Carolina Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act.
Chapter 1GNorth Carolina Choice of Law and Forum in Business Contracts Act.
Chapter 2Clerk of Superior Court [Repealed and Transferred.]
Chapter 3Commissioners of Affidavits and Deeds [Repealed.]
Chapter 4Common Law.
Chapter 5Contempt [Repealed.]
Chapter 5AContempt.
Chapter 6Liability for Court Costs.
Chapter 7Courts [Repealed and Transferred.]
Chapter 7AJudicial Department.
Chapter 7BJuvenile Code.
Chapter 8Evidence.
Chapter 8AInterpreters for Deaf Persons [Recodified.]
Chapter 8BInterpreters for Deaf Persons.
Chapter 8CEvidence Code.
Chapter 9Jurors.
Chapter 10Notaries [Repealed.]
Chapter 10ANotaries.
Chapter 10BNOTARIES.
Chapter 11Oaths.
Chapter 12Statutory Construction.
Chapter 13Citizenship Restored.
Chapter 14Criminal Law.
Chapter 15Criminal Procedure.
Chapter 15ACriminal Procedure Act.
Chapter 15BVictims Compensation.
Chapter 15CAddress Confidentiality Program.
Chapter 16Gaming Contracts and Futures.
Chapter 17Habeas Corpus.
Chapter 17ALaw-Enforcement Officers [Recodified.]
Chapter 17BNorth Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training System [Recodified.]
Chapter 17CNorth Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.
Chapter 17DNorth Carolina Justice Academy.
Chapter 17ENorth Carolina Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission.
Chapter 18Regulation of Intoxicating Liquors [Repealed.]
Chapter 18ARegulation of Intoxicating Liquors [Repealed.]
Chapter 18BRegulation of Alcoholic Beverages.
Chapter 18CNorth Carolina State Lottery.
Chapter 19Offenses Against Public Morals.
Chapter 19AProtection of Animals.
Chapter 20Motor Vehicles.
Chapter 21Bills of Lading.
Chapter 22Contracts Requiring Writing.
Chapter 22ASignatures.
Chapter 22BContracts Against Public Policy.
Chapter 22CPayments to Subcontractors.
Chapter 23Debtor and Creditor.
Chapter 24Interest.
Chapter 25Uniform Commercial Code.
Chapter 25ARetail Installment Sales Act.
Chapter 25BCredit.
Chapter 25CSales of Artwork.
Chapter 26Suretyship.
Chapter 27Warehouse Receipts.
Chapter 28Administration [Repealed.]
Chapter 28AAdministration of Decedents' Estates.
Chapter 28BEstates of Absentees in Military Service.
Chapter 28CEstates of Missing Persons.
Chapter 29Intestate Succession.
Chapter 30Surviving Spouses.
Chapter 31Wills.
Chapter 31AActs Barring Property Rights.
Chapter 31BRenunciation of Property and Renunciation of Fiduciary Powers Act.
Chapter 31CUniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act.
Chapter 31DNorth Carolina Uniform Powers of Appointment Act.
Chapter 32Fiduciaries.
Chapter 32APowers of Attorney.
Chapter 32CNorth Carolina Uniform Power of Attorney Act.
Chapter 33Guardian and Ward [Repealed and Recodified.]
Chapter 33ANorth Carolina Uniform Transfers to Minors Act.
Chapter 33BNorth Carolina Uniform Custodial Trust Act.
Chapter 34Veterans' Guardianship Act.
Chapter 35Sterilization Procedures.
Chapter 35AIncompetency and Guardianship.
Chapter 35BUniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act.
Chapter 36Trusts and Trustees [Repealed.]
Chapter 36ATrusts and Trustees.
Chapter 36BUniform Management of Institutional Funds Act.
Chapter 36CNorth Carolina Uniform Trust Code.
Chapter 36DNorth Carolina Community Third Party Trusts, Pooled Trusts.
Chapter 36EUniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act.
Chapter 36FRevised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.
Chapter 37Allocation of Principal and Income.
Chapter 37AUniform Principal and Income Act.
Chapter 38Boundaries.
Chapter 38ALandowner Liability.
Chapter 38BTrespasser Responsibility.
Chapter 39Conveyances.
Chapter 39ATransfer Fee Covenants Prohibited.
Chapter 40Eminent Domain.
Chapter 40AEminent Domain.
Chapter 41Estates.
Chapter 41AState Fair Housing Act.
Chapter 42Landlord and Tenant.
Chapter 42AVacation Rental Act.
Chapter 43Land Registration.
Chapter 44Liens.
Chapter 44AStatutory Liens and Charges.
Chapter 45Mortgages and Deeds of Trust.
Chapter 45AGood Funds Settlement Act.
Chapter 46Partition.
Chapter 47Probate and Registration.
Chapter 47AUnit Ownership.
Chapter 47BReal Property Marketable Title Act.
Chapter 47CNorth Carolina Condominium Act.
Chapter 47DNotice of Settlement Act [Expired.]
Chapter 47EResidential Property Disclosure Act.
Chapter 47FNorth Carolina Planned Community Act.
Chapter 47GOption to Purchase Contracts Executed With Lease Agreements.
Chapter 47HContracts for Deed.
Chapter 48Adoptions.
Chapter 48AMinors.
Chapter 49Children Born Out of Wedlock.
Chapter 49ARights of Children.
Chapter 50Divorce and Alimony.
Chapter 50AUniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act and Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act.
Chapter 50BDomestic Violence.
Chapter 50CCivil No-Contact Orders.
Chapter 50DPermanent Civil NoContact Order Against Sex Offender on Behalf of Crime Victim.
Chapter 51Marriage.
Chapter 52Powers and Liabilities of Married Persons.
Chapter 52AUniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act [Repealed.]
Chapter 52BUniform Premarital Agreement Act.
Chapter 52CUniform Interstate Family Support Act.
Chapter 53Regulation of Financial Services.
Chapter 53ABusiness Development Corporations and North Carolina Capital Resource Corporations.
Chapter 53BFinancial Privacy Act.
Chapter 53CRegulation of Banks.
Chapter 54Cooperative Organizations.
Chapter 54ACapital Stock Savings and Loan Associations [Repealed.]
Chapter 54BSavings and Loan Associations.
Chapter 54CSavings Banks.
Chapter 55North Carolina Business Corporation Act.
Chapter 55ANorth Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act.
Chapter 55BProfessional Corporation Act.
Chapter 55CForeign Trade Zones.
Chapter 55DFilings, Names, and Registered Agents for Corporations, Nonprofit Corporations, and Partnerships.
Chapter 56Electric, Telegraph and Power Companies [Repealed.]
Chapter 57Hospital, Medical and Dental Service Corporations [Recodified.]
Chapter 57AHealth Maintenance Organization Act [Recodified.]
Chapter 57BHealth Maintenance Organization Act [Recodified.]
Chapter 57CNorth Carolina Limited Liability Company Act
Chapter 57DNorth Carolina Limited Liability Company Act.
Chapter 58Insurance.
Chapter 58ANorth Carolina Health Insurance Trust Commission [Recodified.]
Chapter 59Partnership.
Chapter 59BUniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act.
Chapter 60Railroads and Other Carriers [Repealed and Transferred.]
Chapter 61Religious Societies.
Chapter 62Public Utilities.
Chapter 62APublic Safety Telephone Service and Wireless Telephone Service.
Chapter 63Aeronautics.
Chapter 63ANorth Carolina Global TransPark Authority.
Chapter 64Aliens.
Chapter 65Cemeteries.
Chapter 66Commerce and Business.
Chapter 67Dogs.
Chapter 68Fences and Stock Law.
Chapter 69Fire Protection.
Chapter 70Indian Antiquities, Archaeological Resources and Unmarked Human Skeletal Remains Protection.
Chapter 71Indians [Repealed.]
Chapter 71AIndians.
Chapter 72Inns, Hotels and Restaurants.
Chapter 73Mills.
Chapter 74Mines and Quarries.
Chapter 74ACompany Police [Repealed.]
Chapter 74BPrivate Protective Services Act [Repealed.]
Chapter 74CPrivate Protective Services.
Chapter 74DAlarm Systems.
Chapter 74ECompany Police Act.
Chapter 74FLocksmith Licensing Act.
Chapter 74GCampus Police Act.
Chapter 75Monopolies, Trusts and Consumer Protection.
Chapter 75ABoating and Water Safety.
Chapter 75BDiscrimination in Business.
Chapter 75CMotion Picture Fair Competition Act.
Chapter 75DRacketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations.
Chapter 75EUnlawful Activities in Connection With Certain Corporate Transactions.
Chapter 76Navigation.
Chapter 76ANavigation and Pilotage Commissions.
Chapter 77Rivers, Creeks, and Coastal Waters.
Chapter 78Securities Law [Repealed.]
Chapter 78ANorth Carolina Securities Act.
Chapter 78BTender Offer Disclosure Act.
Chapter 78CInvestment Advisers.
Chapter 78DCommodities Act.
Chapter 79Strays [Repealed.]
Chapter 80Trademarks, Brands, etc.
Chapter 81Weights and Measures [Recodified.]
Chapter 81AWeights and Measures Act of 1975.
Chapter 82Wrecks [Repealed.]
Chapter 83Architects [Recodified.]
Chapter 83AArchitects.
Chapter 84Attorneys-at-Law.
Chapter 84AForeign Legal Consultants.
Chapter 85Auctions and Auctioneers [Repealed.]
Chapter 85ABail Bondsmen and Runners [Recodified.]
Chapter 85BAuctions and Auctioneers.
Chapter 85CBail Bondsmen and Runners [Recodified.]
Chapter 86Barbers [Recodified.]
Chapter 86ABarbers.
Chapter 87Contractors.
Chapter 88Cosmetic Art [Repealed.]
Chapter 88AElectrolysis Practice Act.
Chapter 88BCosmetic Art.
Chapter 89Engineering and Land Surveying [Recodified.]
Chapter 89ALandscape Architects.
Chapter 89BForesters.
Chapter 89CEngineering and Land Surveying.
Chapter 89DLandscape Contractors.
Chapter 89EGeologists Licensing Act.
Chapter 89FNorth Carolina Soil Scientist Licensing Act.
Chapter 89GIrrigation Contractors.
Chapter 90Medicine and Allied Occupations.
Chapter 90ASanitarians and Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility Operators.
Chapter 90BSocial Worker Certification and Licensure Act.
Chapter 90CNorth Carolina Recreational Therapy Licensure Act.
Chapter 90DInterpreters and Transliterators.
Chapter 91Pawnbrokers [Repealed.]
Chapter 91APawnbrokers and Cash Converters Modernization Act.
Chapter 92Photographers.
Chapter 93Certified Public Accountants.
Chapter 93AReal Estate License Law.
Chapter 93BOccupational Licensing Boards.
Chapter 93CWatchmakers [Repealed.]
Chapter 93DNorth Carolina State Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Board.
Chapter 93ENorth Carolina Appraisers Act.
Chapter 94Apprenticeship.
Chapter 95Department of Labor and Labor Regulations.
Chapter 96Employment Security.
Chapter 97Workers' Compensation Act.
Chapter 98Burnt and Lost Records.
Chapter 99Libel and Slander.
Chapter 99ACivil Remedies for Interference With Property.
Chapter 99BProducts Liability.
Chapter 99CActions Relating to Winter Sports Safety and Accidents.
Chapter 99DCivil Rights.
Chapter 99ESpecial Liability Provisions.
Chapter 100Monuments, Memorials and Parks.
Chapter 101Names of Persons.
Chapter 102Official Survey Base.
Chapter 103Sundays, Holidays and Special Days.
Chapter 104United States Lands.
Chapter 104ADegrees of Kinship.
Chapter 104BHurricanes or Other Acts of Nature.
Chapter 104CAtomic Energy, Radioactivity and Ionizing Radiation [Repealed and Recodified.]
Chapter 104DSouthern States Energy Compact.
Chapter 104ENorth Carolina Radiation Protection Act.
Chapter 104FSoutheast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact [Repealed].
Chapter 104GNorth Carolina Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Authority Act of 1987 [Repealed].
Chapter 105Taxation.
Chapter 105ASetoff Debt Collection Act.
Chapter 105BDefaulted Student Loan Recovery Act.
Chapter 106Agriculture.
Chapter 107Agricultural Development Districts [Repealed.]
Chapter 108Social Services [Repealed and Recodified.]
Chapter 108ASocial Services.
Chapter 108BCommunity Action Programs.
Chapter 108CMedicaid and Health Choice Provider Requirements.
Chapter 108DMedicaid Managed Care for Behavioral Health Services.
Chapter 109Bonds [Recodified.]
Chapter 110Child Welfare.
Chapter 111Aid to the Blind.
Chapter 112Confederate Homes and Pensions [Repealed.]
Chapter 113Conservation and Development.
Chapter 113APollution Control and Environment.
Chapter 113BNorth Carolina Energy Policy Act of 1975.
Chapter 114Department of Justice.
Chapter 115Elementary and Secondary Education.
Chapter 115ACommunity Colleges, Technical Institutes, and Industrial Education Centers [Repealed.]
Chapter 115BTuition and Fee Waivers.
Chapter 115CElementary and Secondary Education.
Chapter 115DCommunity Colleges.
Chapter 115EPrivate Educational Facilities Finance Act.
Chapter 116Higher Education.
Chapter 116AEscheats and Abandoned Property.
Chapter 116BEscheats and Abandoned Property.
Chapter 116CContinuum of Education Programs.
Chapter 116DHigher Education Bonds.
Chapter 116EEducation Longitudinal Data System.
Chapter 117Electrification.
Chapter 118Firemen's and Rescue Squad Workers' Relief and Pension Funds [Recodified.]
Chapter 118AFiremen's Death Benefit Act [Repealed.]
Chapter 118BMembers of a Rescue Squad Death Benefit Act [Repealed.]
Chapter 119Gasoline and Oil Inspection and Regulation.
Chapter 120General Assembly.
Chapter 120CLobbying.
Chapter 121Archives and History.
Chapter 122Hospitals for the Mentally Disordered [Repealed.]
Chapter 122ANorth Carolina Housing Finance Agency.
Chapter 122BNorth Carolina Agricultural Facilities Finance Act [Repealed.]
Chapter 122CMental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Act of 1985.
Chapter 122DNorth Carolina Agricultural Finance Act.
Chapter 122ENorth Carolina Housing Trust and Oil Overcharge Act.
Chapter 123Impeachment.
Chapter 123AIndustrial Development [Repealed.]
Chapter 124Internal Improvements.
Chapter 125Libraries.
Chapter 126North Carolina Human Resources Act.
Chapter 127Militia [Repealed.]
Chapter 127AMilitia.
Chapter 127BMilitary Affairs.
Chapter 127CNorth Carolina Military Affairs Commission.
Chapter 128Offices and Public Officers.
Chapter 129Public Buildings and Grounds.
Chapter 130Public Health [Repealed.]
Chapter 130APublic Health.
Chapter 130BHazardous Waste Management Commission.
Chapter 131Public Hospitals.
Chapter 131AHealth Care Facilities Finance Act.
Chapter 131BLicensing of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities.
Chapter 131CCharitable Solicitation Licensure Act [Repealed.]
Chapter 131DInspection and Licensing of Facilities.
Chapter 131EHealth Care Facilities and Services.
Chapter 131FSolicitation of Contributions.
Chapter 132Public Records.
Chapter 133Public Works.
Chapter 134Youth Development [Recodified.]
Chapter 134AYouth Services [Repealed.]
Chapter 135Retirement System for Teachers and State Employees; Social Security; State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees.
Chapter 136Transportation.
Chapter 137Rural Rehabilitation.
Chapter 138Salaries, Fees and Allowances.
Chapter 138AState Government Ethics Act.
Chapter 139Soil and Water Conservation Districts.
Chapter 140State Art Museum; Symphony and Art Societies.
Chapter 140AState Awards System.
Chapter 141State Boundaries.
Chapter 142State Debt.
Chapter 143State Departments, Institutions, and Commissions.
Chapter 143AState Government Reorganization.
Chapter 143BExecutive Organization Act of 1973.
Chapter 143CState Budget Act.
Chapter 143DThe State Governmental Accountability and Internal Control Act.
Chapter 143EThe North Carolina Measurability Assessment Act of 2016.
Chapter 144State Flag, Official Governmental Flags, Motto, and Colors.
Chapter 145State Symbols and Other Official Adoptions.
Chapter 146State Lands.
Chapter 147State Officers.
Chapter 148State Prison System.
Chapter 149State Song and Toast.
Chapter 150Uniform Revocation of Licenses [Repealed.]
Chapter 150AAdministrative Procedure Act [Recodified.]
Chapter 150BAdministrative Procedure Act.
Chapter 151Constables [Repealed.]
Chapter 152Coroners.
Chapter 152ACounty Medical Examiner [Repealed.]
Chapter 153Counties and County Commissioners [Repealed.]
Chapter 153ACounties.
Chapter 153BMountain Resources Planning Act.
Chapter 153CUwharrie Regional Resources Act.
Chapter 154County Surveyor [Repealed.]
Chapter 155County Treasurer [Repealed.]
Chapter 156Drainage.
Chapter 157Housing Authorities and Projects.
Chapter 157AHistoric Properties Commissions [Transferred.]
Chapter 158Local Development.
Chapter 159Local Government Finance.
Chapter 159APollution Abatement and Industrial Facilities Financing Act [Unconstitutional.]
Chapter 159BJoint Municipal Electric Power and Energy Act.
Chapter 159CIndustrial and Pollution Control Facilities Financing Act.
Chapter 159DThe North Carolina Capital Facilities Financing Act.
Chapter 159ERegistered Public Obligations Act.
Chapter 159FNorth Carolina Energy Development Authority [Repealed.]
Chapter 159GWater Infrastructure.
Chapter 159ISolid Waste Management Loan Program and Local Government Special Obligation Bonds.
Chapter 160Municipal Corporations [Repealed and Transferred.]
Chapter 160ACities and Towns.
Chapter 160BConsolidated City-County Act.
Chapter 160CBaseball Park Districts [Repealed.]
Chapter 161Register of Deeds.
Chapter 162Sheriff.
Chapter 162AWater and Sewer Systems.
Chapter 162BContinuity of Local Government in Emergency.
Chapter 163Elections and Election Laws.
Chapter 163AElections and Ethics Enforcement Act.
Chapter 164Concerning the General Statutes of North Carolina.
Chapter 165Veterans.
Chapter 166Civil Preparedness Agencies [Repealed.]
Chapter 166ANorth Carolina Emergency Management Act.
Chapter 167State Civil Air Patrol [Repealed.]
Chapter 168Handicapped Persons.
Chapter 168APersons With Disabilities Protection Act.

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