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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 16: Gaming Contracts and Futures.

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Article 1 - Gaming Contracts. [HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 16-1 16-1. Gaming and betting contracts void.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 16-2 16-2. Players and betters competent witnesses.[HTML] [RTF]
Article 2 - Contracts for "Futures." [HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 16-3 16-3. Certain contracts as to "futures" void.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 16-4 16-4. Entering into or aiding contract for "futures" misdemeanor.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 16-5 16-5. Opening office for sales of "futures" misdemeanor.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 16-6 16-6. Evidence in prosecutions under this Article.[HTML] [RTF]