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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 93: Certified Public Accountants.

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G.S. 93-1§ 93-1. Definitions; practice of law.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-2§ 93-2. Qualifications.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-3§ 93-3. Unlawful use of title "certified public accountant" by individual.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-4§ 93-4. Use of title by firm.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-5§ 93-5. Use of title by corporation.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-6§ 93-6. Practice as accountants permitted; use of misleading titles prohibited.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-7§ 93-7: Repealed by Session Laws 1993, c. 518, s. 5.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-8§ 93-8. Public practice of accounting by corporations prohibited.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-9§ 93-9. Assistants need not be certified.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-10§ 93-10. Practice privileges.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-11§ 93-11. Not applicable to officers of State, county or municipality.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-12§ 93-12. Board of Certified Public Accountant Examiners.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-12.1§ 93-12.1. Effect of new requirements.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-12.2§ 93-12.2. Board records are confidential.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 93-13§ 93-13. Violation of Chapter; penalty.[HTML] [RTF]

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