Bill Summaries for House Bill 403

Summary DocumentTitleLast Updated
H403-SMTR-2(CSTR-1)-v-8LME/MCO Claims Reporting/Mental Health Amdts.03/28/2017
H403-SMTR-12(CSTR-6)-v-8LME/MCO Claims Reporting/Mental Health Amdts.06/15/2017
H403-SMTR-15(e3)-v-2Behavioral Health and Medicaid Modifications.06/27/2017
H403-SMTR-19(CSTR-10)-v-4Behavioral Health and Medicaid Modifications.06/28/2017
H403-SMTR-49(sl)-v-13Medicaid and Behavioral Health Modifications.08/17/2018
Note: Bill summaries and analysis are prepared by the nonpartisan legislative staff for the use of legislators in their deliberations and do not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.

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