Bill Summaries for Senate Bill 711

Summary DocumentTitleLast Updated
S711-SMTQ-17(CSTQxf-5)-v-19NC Farm Act of 2018.06/05/2018
S711-SMTQ-21(e3)-v-5NC Farm Act of 2018.06/07/2018
S711-SMTQ-25(CSTQx-8)-v-4NC Farm Act of 2018.06/13/2018
S711-SMTQ-29(rat)-v-2NC Farm Act of 2018.06/27/2018
S711-SMTQ-31(sl)-v-2Fruit and Vegetable Handlers Registration Act07/03/2018
S711-SMTQ-32(sl)-v-2Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Confidentiality Change07/03/2018
S711-SMTQ-33(sl)-v-1Exempt Got To Be NC Merchandise from Umstead Act07/03/2018
S711-SMTQ-34(sl)-v-1Allow Distribution of Verified Propagules by Industrial Hemp Commission07/03/2018
S711-SMTQ-35(sl)-v-1Direct Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to Address Mislabeling of Plant-Based Products as "Milk"07/03/2018
S711-SMTQ-36(sl)-v-1Mandatory Record Notice of Proximity to Farmlands07/03/2018
S711-SMTQ-37(sl)-v-1Amend North Carolina Right to Farm Law07/03/2018
S711-SMTQ-38(sl)-v-1Amend Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor Continuing Education Requirements07/03/2018
S711-SMTQ-39(sl)-v-1Provide Uniformity to Assessment of Farm Machinery07/03/2018
S711-SMTQ-40(sl)-v-1Clarify Cemetery Property Tax Exemption07/03/2018
S711-SMTQ-41(sl)-v-1Law Enforcement Mutual Aid and Veterinarian Comity for World Equestrian Games07/03/2018
S711-SMTQ-42(sl)-v-1Allow the Dispensing of Raw Milk and Raw Milk Products to Independent or Partial Owners of Lactating Animals for Personal Use or Consumption07/03/2018
Note: Bill summaries and analysis are prepared by the nonpartisan legislative staff for the use of legislators in their deliberations and do not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.

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