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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 37A: Uniform Principal and Income Act.

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Article 1 - Definitions and Fiduciary Duties; Conversion to Unitrust; Judicial Control of Discretionary Power. [HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-101§ 37A-1-101. Short title.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-102§ 37A-1-102. Definitions.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-103§ 37A-1-103. Fiduciary duties; general principles.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104§ 37A-1-104. Trustee's power to adjust.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.1§ 37A-1-104.1. Definitions.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.2§ 37A-1-104.2. Conversion in trustee's discretion without court approval.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.3§ 37A-1-104.3. Conversion with court approval.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.4§ 37A-1-104.4. Determination of unitrust amount.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.5§ 37A-1-104.5. Matters in trustee's discretion.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.6§ 37A-1-104.6. No effect on principal distributions.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.7§ 37A-1-104.7: Repealed by Session Laws 2007-106, s. 49.1, effective October 1, 2007.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.8§ 37A-1-104.8. No liability on part of trustee or disinterested person acting in good faith.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.9§ 37A-1-104.9. Applicability.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.21§ 37A-1-104.21. Definitions.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.22§ 37A-1-104.22. Determination of unitrust amount.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.23§ 37A-1-104.23. Effect of distribution of unitrust amount.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.24§ 37A-1-104.24. Change or conversion of unitrust amount.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.25§ 37A-1-104.25. Determination of character of unitrust amount.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-104.26§ 37A-1-104.26. Unitrust amount in excess of a five percent payout.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-1-105§ 37A-1-105. Judicial control of discretionary power.[HTML] [RTF]
Article 2 - Decedent's Estate or Terminating Income Interest. [HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-2-201§ 37A-2-201. Determination and distribution of net income.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-2-202§ 37A-2-202. Distribution to residuary and remainder beneficiaries.[HTML] [RTF]
Article 3 - Apportionment at Beginning and End of Income Interest. [HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-3-301§ 37A-3-301. When right to income begins and ends.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-3-302§ 37A-3-302. Apportionment of receipts and disbursements when decedent dies or income interest begins.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-3-303§ 37A-3-303. Apportionment when income interest ends.[HTML] [RTF]
Article 4 - Allocation of Receipts During Administration of Trust. [HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-401§ 37A-4-401. Character of receipts.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-402§ 37A-4-402. Distribution from trust or estate.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-403§ 37A-4-403. Business and other activities conducted by trustee.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-404§ 37A-4-404. Principal receipts.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-405§ 37A-4-405. Rental property.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-406§ 37A-4-406. Obligation to pay money.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-407§ 37A-4-407. Insurance policies and similar contracts.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-408§ 37A-4-408. Insubstantial allocations not required.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-409§ 37A-4-409. Deferred compensation, annuities, and similar payments.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-410§ 37A-4-410. Liquidating asset.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-411§ 37A-4-411. Minerals, water, and other natural resources.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-412§ 37A-4-412. Timber.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-413§ 37A-4-413. Property not productive of income.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-414§ 37A-4-414. Derivatives and options.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-4-415§ 37A-4-415. Asset-backed securities.[HTML] [RTF]
Article 5 - Allocation of Disbursements During Administration of Trust. [HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-5-501§ 37A-5-501. Disbursements from income.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-5-502§ 37A-5-502. Disbursements from principal.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-5-503§ 37A-5-503. Transfers from income to principal for depreciation.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-5-504§ 37A-5-504. Transfers from income to reimburse principal.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-5-505§ 37A-5-505. Income taxes.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-5-506§ 37A-5-506. Adjustments between principal and income because of taxes.[HTML] [RTF]
Article 6 - Miscellaneous Provisions. [HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-6-601§ 37A-6-601. Uniformity of application and construction.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 37A-6-602§ 37A-6-602. Severability clause.[HTML] [RTF]

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