Article 31.


120-270. Report by State agencies to the General Assembly on ways to reduce incidence of identity theft.

Agencies of the State shall evaluate the agency's efforts to reduce the dissemination of personal identifying information, as defined in G.S. 14-113.20(b). The evaluation shall include the review of public forms, the use of random personal identification numbers, restriction of access to personal identifying information, and reduction of use of personal identifying information when it is not necessary. Special attention shall be given to the use, collection, and dissemination of social security numbers. If the collection of a social security number is found to be unwarranted, the State agency shall immediately discontinue the collection of social security numbers for that purpose. Any agency that determines that an act of the General Assembly or other provision of law impedes the agency's ability to reduce the incidence of identity theft shall report such findings to the General Assembly by January 1 of the year following such a determination. (2005-414, s. 5; 2012-187, s. 10.2.)