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Study Reports to the NCGA
Full text legislative study reports that have been digitized and are available online. To search all legislative study reports including those in print format use the Library Catalog and the Study Reports Query Program.

Bills Eligible List (2004-2018)

Bill Inquiry - Keywords (2017)

Crossover List (2001-2017)
Lists of bills that met the "crossover" deadline for each biennium. This deadline is the date by which most bills must pass from the chamber in which they were introduced to the other chamber in order to be eligible for considerarion for the remainder of the regular session.

Legislative Commissions, Non-Standing Committees Interim Studies (1999-2018)

Legislative Effective Dates (2005-2018)

Occupancy Tax Overview (2018)

Summaries of Substantive Ratified Legislation (1989-2018)

NCGS and Session Laws Affected by Ratified Bills (1997-2018)

The Drafting Process

Summary of Municipal Incorporation Procedure

Highlights - Annual Budget Summaries (1984-2017)

Program Evaluation Division Reports
Reports researched and written by the NCGA Program Evaluation Division (PED) that evaluate state agency programs and public services.

Tax and Finance Law Changes (1996-2018)

Tax Summaries (1987-2014)

Publications Archive

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