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Have a legal issue but don’t have a lawyer? Check out these organizations, websites, and services that offer free or low-cost legal help.

Legal Information Websites

    • LawHelpNC
    • A wealth of information on specific legal topics, including housing, government benefits, veterans, employment issues, education, farmworkers, criminal law, taxes, and more. Also offers various North Carolina legal forms.
    • NC Free Legal Answers
    • This website exists to help people with their civil matters (not criminal matters). Users who meet certain criteria ask a question through the site, and a volunteer attorney responds with an answer.
    • NC Free Legal Help
    • Another attorney network that answers questions at no charge.
    • “This Is the Law” Pamphlets
    • Published by the NC Bar Association, these pamphlets provide general information on a number of topics, including buying a home, divorce, child custody/support, bankruptcy, domestic violence, jury service, and more.
    • Rosen Law Firm
    • This is the best source of information on divorce and child custody in North Carolina. Includes forms, a child support calculator, a free step-by-step guide to divorce, and more.

Legal Aid of North Carolina Clinics
These clinics are offered by Legal Aid of North Carolina. They are free to attend, but you will need to register in advance.

Law School Clinics
Several North Carolina law schools offer limited free or low-cost legal assistance to the public. Work is performed by law students under the supervision of faculty members.

Lawyer Referrals
These services will connect you to an attorney who specializes in the type of assistance you need. The service costs $50 for a 30-minute consultation. You may hire the attorney after the consultation, often at a discount rate.

Pro Bono Legal Help
These organizations provide pro bono (i.e., free) legal representation to low-income clients in certain matters, usually non-criminal ones.

Public Law Libraries
These are free law libraries open to the public. These libraries provide limited legal research assistance.


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