Who Represents Me?

NOTE: New NC House and NC Senate districts will used for the 2018 elections. The information on this page reflects districts used for the 2016 elections, which are the areas that legislators currently represent. For more information on the new district configurations, see the NCGA redistricting page.

All residents of North Carolina are represented in the United States Senate by both Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. Representation in the NC House, the NC Senate, and the US House is determined by district. Each resident of the state has one representative in each of those legislative bodies, determined by the district in which their residence falls.

There are tools at the bottom of the page for looking up representatives by district number and county. Additionally, you may want to see the section on how to confirm district assignments based on voter registration records. Detailed district plan information, including maps and reports, can be found via the NCGA redistricting page.

To use the interactive maps below to find your representatives:

  1. Start typing an address in the text box for one of the maps. A list of address candidates will come up.
  2. Once a candidate comes up that looks right, click on it. This will zoom the map to the location of the address.
  3. Close out the search result box by clicking on the 'X' in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Scrutinize the location returned, especially if it is right next to the purple district line. You can zoom, pan, and change the background to imagery. Local boards of election can be helpful in resolving ambiguous results.
  5. Click on the map anywhere within the surrounding district to bring up information on the associated representative.

North Carolina House of Representatives

North Carolina Senate

United States House of Representatives

Representation by District Number

If you know the particular district you are interested in, you can find who represents that district directly by selecting it from one of the lists below.


Representation by County

Choose one of the 100 counties from the list below to see the NC House and NC Senate members that represent it. Be aware that any one of the representatives listed may represent only a portion of the county, and not necessarily the portion you are interested in. You may also want to view the House Representation by County and Senate Representation by County listings.

Voter Registration Records

Each county board of elections is responsible for determining district assignments for all registered voters in their county. They are very familiar with their local geography and are therefore a good source for identifying your representatives. If you are a registered voter, you can access your registration information, including district assignments, by using the State Board of Elections' Voter Lookup tool. You can then use the section above to find out who represents your districts. The State Board of Elections also maintains contact information for all 100 county boards of elections in North Carolina, in case you would like to contact them directly.

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