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Joint Legislative Emergency Management Oversight Committee
Non-Standing Committee
  • See the Committee's website for additional information about this Committee including presentations and agendas.
Rep. John Faircloth (Co-Chair) House Appointment
Sen. Dan Soucek (Co-Chair) Senate Appointment
Sen. Terry Van Duyn (Co-Chair) Senate Appointment
Legislative Members
Rep. James L. Boles, Jr. House Appointment
Rep. Grier Martin House Appointment
Rep. Garland E. Pierce House Appointment
Rep. Jason Saine House Appointment
Rep. Michael Speciale House Appointment
Sen. Andrew C. Brock Senate Appointment
Sen. Kathy Harrington Senate Appointment
Sen. Ronald J. Rabin Senate Appointment
Sen. Norman W. Sanderson Senate Appointment
Advisory Members
Rep. Roger Younts House Appointment