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Revenue Laws Study Committee
Non-Standing Committee
  • Authority: G.S. 120-70.105; SL1997-483 sec. 14.1; SB 32
  • Meeting notices via e-mail
  • Disclaimer: This list is under constant revision and may not be current. It reflects appointments on file, which may not be updated or complete. Please call the Legislative Library if you have questions (919-733-9390).
Rep. William Brawley (Co-Chair) House Appointment
Rep. Jason Saine (Co-Chair) House Appointment
Sen. Bob Rucho (Co-Chair) Senate Appointment
Vice Chairs
Rep. Stephen M. Ross (Vice Chair) House Appointment
Sen. Bill Rabon (Vice Chair) Senate Appointment
Sen. Jerry W. Tillman (Vice Chair) Senate Appointment
Legislative Members
Rep. Kelly M. Alexander, Jr. House Appointment
Rep. Becky Carney House Appointment
Rep. David R. Lewis House Appointment
Rep. Susan Martin House Appointment
Rep. Mitchell S. Setzer House Appointment
Rep. John Szoka House Appointment
Rep. Ken Waddell House Appointment
Sen. Andrew C. Brock Senate Appointment
Sen. Ben Clark Senate Appointment
Sen. David L. Curtis Senate Appointment
Sen. Joel D. M. Ford Senate Appointment
Sen. Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr. Senate Appointment
Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr. Senate Appointment
Sen. Andy Wells Senate Appointment
Advisory Members
Rep. Mike Hager House Appointment
Rep. Paul Stam House Appointment
Sen. Tamara Barringer Senate Appointment