Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee
Non-Standing Committee
  • Authority: G.S. 120-70.50; SL89-692 sec. 1.2; HB 399
  • Meeting notices via e-mail
  • Disclaimer: This list is under constant revision and may not be current. It reflects appointments on file, which may not be updated or complete. Please call the Legislative Library if you have questions (919-733-9390).
Rep. Kelly E. Hastings (Co-Chair) House Appointment
Rep. Frank Iler (Co-Chair) House Appointment
Rep. John A. Torbett (Co-Chair) House Appointment
Sen. Jim Davis (Co-Chair) Senate Appointment
Vice Chairs
Rep. Michele D. Presnell (Vice Chair) House Appointment
Legislative Members
Rep. William Brawley House Appointment
Rep. Dana Bumgardner House Appointment
Rep. Becky Carney House Appointment
Rep. Charles Graham House Appointment
Rep. Grier Martin House Appointment
Rep. Phil Shepard House Appointment
Rep. Scott Stone House Appointment
Sen. Warren Daniel Senate Appointment
Sen. Cathy Dunn Senate Appointment
Sen. Joel D. M. Ford Senate Appointment
Sen. Rick Gunn Senate Appointment
Sen. Kathy Harrington Senate Appointment
Sen. Tom McInnis Senate Appointment
Sen. Wesley Meredith Senate Appointment
Sen. Bill Rabon Senate Appointment
Sen. Erica D. Smith Senate Appointment
Sen. Terry Van Duyn Senate Appointment
Advisory Members
Rep. Rodney W. Moore House Appointment
Rep. Bob Muller House Appointment

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