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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 31B: Renunciation of Property and Renunciation of Fiduciary Powers Act.

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G.S. 31B-1 31B-1. Right to renounce succession.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 31B-1.1 31B-1.1. Right of fiduciary to renounce.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 31B-1.2 31B-1.2. Right of fiduciary to institute a proceeding for review of renunciation.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 31B-1A 31B-1A: Recodified as G.S. 31B-1.1.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 31B-2 31B-2. Filing and registering of renunciations; failure to file or register; spouse's interest.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 31B-2.1 31B-2.1. Delivery to other persons of instrument of renunciation by the person renouncing.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 31B-3 31B-3. Effect of renunciation.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 31B-4 31B-4. Waiver and bar.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 31B-4.1 31B-4.1. Tax qualified renunciation.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 31B-5 31B-5. Exclusiveness of remedy.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 31B-6 31B-6: Repealed by Session Laws 2009-48, s. 9, effective October 1, 2009, and applicable to renunciations and powers of attorney executed on or after that date.[HTML] [RTF]
G.S. 31B-7 31B-7. Short title.[HTML] [RTF]