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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 90: Medicine and Allied Occupations.

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Article 1 - Practice of Medicine. [RTF] [PDF] Article 1A - Treatment of Minors. [RTF] [PDF] Article 1B - Medical Malpractice Actions. [RTF] [PDF] Article 1C - Physicians and Hospital Reports. [RTF] [PDF] Article 1D - Peer Review. [RTF] [PDF] Article 1E - Certificate of Public Advantage. [RTF] [PDF] Article 1F - Psychotherapy Patient/Client Sexual Exploitation Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 1G - Health Care Liability. [RTF] [PDF] Article 1H - Voluntary Arbitration of Negligent Health Care Claims. [RTF] [PDF] Article 1I - Woman's Right to Know Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 1J - Voluntary Health Care Services Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 1K - Certain Abortions Prohibited. [RTF] [PDF] Article 2 - Dentistry. [RTF] [PDF] Article 2A - Dental Peer Review Protection Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 3 - The Licensing of Mouth Hygienists to Teach and Practice Mouth Hygiene in Public Institutions. [RTF] [PDF] Article 4 - Pharmacy. [RTF] [PDF] Article 4A - North Carolina Pharmacy Practice Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 4B - Pharmacy Quality Assurance Protection Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 4C - Pharmacy Audit Rights. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5 - North Carolina Controlled Substances Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5A - North Carolina Toxic Vapors Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5B - Drug Paraphernalia. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5C - North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5D - Control of Methamphetamine Precursors. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5E - North Carolina Controlled Substances Reporting System Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5F - Control of Potential Drug Paraphernalia Products. [RTF] [PDF] Article 6 - Optometry. [RTF] [PDF] Article 6A - Optometry Peer Review. [RTF] [PDF] Article 7 - Osteopathy. [RTF] [PDF] Article 8 - Chiropractic. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9 - Nurse Practice Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9A - Nursing Practice Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9B - Information and Financial Assistance for Nursing Students and Inactive Nurses. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9C - Nurses Aides Registry Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9D - Nursing Scholars Program. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9E - Need-Based Nursing Scholarships. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9F - North Carolina Center for Nursing. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9G - Nurse Licensure Compact. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9H - Graduate Nurse Scholarship Program for Faculty Production. [RTF] [PDF] Article 10 - Midwives. [RTF] [PDF] Article 10A - Practice of Midwifery. [RTF] [PDF] Article 11 - Veterinarians. [RTF] [PDF] Article 12 - Podiatrists. [RTF] [PDF] Article 12A - Podiatrists. [RTF] [PDF] Article 13 - Embalmers and Funeral Directors. [RTF] [PDF] Article 13A - Practice of Funeral Service. [RTF] [PDF] Article 13B - Funeral and Burial Trust Funds. [RTF] [PDF] Article 13C - Cremations. [RTF] [PDF] Article 13D - Preneed Funeral Funds. [RTF] [PDF] Article 13E - Mutual Burial Associations. [RTF] [PDF] Article 13F - Cremations. [RTF] [PDF] Article 14 - Cadavers for Medical Schools. [RTF] [PDF] Article 14A - Bequest of Body or Part Thereof. [RTF] [PDF] Article 14B - Disposition of Unclaimed Bodies. [RTF] [PDF] Article 14C - Final Disposition or Transportation of Deceased Migrant Farm Workers and Their Dependents. [RTF] [PDF] Article 15 - Autopsies. [RTF] [PDF] Article 15A - Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 15B - Blood Banks. [RTF] [PDF] Article 16 - Dental Hygiene Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 17 - Dispensing Opticians. [RTF] [PDF] Article 18 - Physical Therapy. [RTF] [PDF] Article 18A - Psychology Practice Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 18B - Physical Therapy. [RTF] [PDF] Article 18C - Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure. [RTF] [PDF] Article 18D - Occupational Therapy. [RTF] [PDF] Article 19 - Sterilization Operations. [RTF] [PDF] Article 20 - Nursing Home Administrator Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 20A - Assisted Living Administrator Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 21 - Determination of Need for Medical Care Facilities. [RTF] [PDF] Article 22 - Licensure Act for Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists. [RTF] [PDF] Article 23 - Right to Natural Death; Brain Death. [RTF] [PDF] Article 24 - Licensed Professional Counselors Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 25 - Dietetics/Nutrition. [RTF] [PDF] Article 26 - Fee-Based Practicing Pastoral Counselors. [RTF] [PDF] Article 27 - Referral Fees and Payment for Certain Solicitations Prohibited. [RTF] [PDF] Article 28 - Self-Referrals by Health Care Providers. [RTF] [PDF] Article 29 - Medical Records. [RTF] [PDF] Article 29A - North Carolina Health Information Exchange Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 30 - Practice of Acupuncture. [RTF] [PDF] Article 31 - Institute of Medicine. [RTF] [PDF] Article 32 - Employer Assistance Professionals. [RTF] [PDF] Article 33 - Industrial Hygiene. [RTF] [PDF] Article 34 - Athletic Trainers. [RTF] [PDF] Article 35 - Accident-Trauma Victim Identification. [RTF] [PDF] Article 36 - Massage and Bodywork Therapy Practice. [RTF] [PDF] Article 37 - Health Care Practitioner Identification. [RTF] [PDF] Article 38 - Respiratory Care Practice Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 39 - Safety Profession. [RTF] [PDF] Article 40 - Perfusionist Licensure Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 41 - Pathology Services Billing. [RTF] [PDF] Article 42 - Polysomnography Practice Act. [RTF] [PDF]