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North Carolina General Statutes
Chapter 95: Department of Labor and Labor Regulations.

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Article 1 - Department of Labor. [RTF] [PDF] Article 2 - Maximum Working Hours. [RTF] [PDF] Article 2A - Wage and Hour Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 3 - Various Regulations. [RTF] [PDF] Article 4 - Conciliation Service and Mediation of Labor Disputes. [RTF] [PDF] Article 4A - Voluntary Arbitration of Labor Disputes. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5 - Regulation of Employment Agencies. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5A - Regulation of Private Personnel Services. [RTF] [PDF] Article 5B - Regulation of Job Listing Services. [RTF] [PDF] Article 6 - Separate Toilets for Sexes. [RTF] [PDF] Article 7 - Board of Boiler Rules and Bureau of Boiler Inspection. [RTF] [PDF] Article 7A - Uniform Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 7B - Historical Boilers. [RTF] [PDF] Article 8 - Bureau of Labor for the Deaf. [RTF] [PDF] Article 9 - Earnings of Employees in Interstate Commerce. [RTF] [PDF] Article 10 - Declaration of Policy as to Labor Organizations. [RTF] [PDF] Article 11 - Minimum Wage Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 12 - Units of Government and Labor Unions, Trade Unions, and Labor Organizations, and Public Employee Strikes. [RTF] [PDF] Article 13 - Payments to or for Benefit of Labor Organizations. [RTF] [PDF] Article 14 - Inspection Service Fees. [RTF] [PDF] Article 14A - Elevator Safety Act of North Carolina. [RTF] [PDF] Article 14B - Amusement Device Safety Act of North Carolina. [RTF] [PDF] Article 15 - Passenger Tramway Safety. [RTF] [PDF] Article 16 - Occupational Safety and Health Act of North Carolina. [RTF] [PDF] Article 17 - The Uniform Wage Payment Law of North Carolina. [RTF] [PDF] Article 18 - Identification of Toxic or Hazardous Substances. [RTF] [PDF] Article 19 - Migrant Housing Act of North Carolina. [RTF] [PDF] Article 19A - Overhead High-Voltage Line Safety Act. [RTF] [PDF] Article 20 - Controlled Substance Examination Regulation. [RTF] [PDF] Article 21 - Retaliatory Employment Discrimination. [RTF] [PDF] Article 22 - Safety and Health Programs and Committees. [RTF] [PDF] Article 23 - Workplace Violence Prevention. [RTF] [PDF]